Joseph Ribkoff designerJoseph Ribkoff has been a designer of high-end women’s fashion since 1957. Over the years, his brand has risen to popularity and it’s no secret as to why. Each collection is created for women who are always on the go, but who enjoy looking effortlessly put together. As one of the top leading Canadian designers in the industry, Joseph Ribkoff has built his brand with his clients in mind. His designs are high-quality, versatile, and affordable. Ribkoff’s designs include something for everyone from fun, colourful florals to sophisticated and work-appropriate. The 2018 collection is all about classic femininity. Ribkoff focuses on creating flattering and timeless silhouettes while using trendy colours of the season. No wonder Joseph Ribkoff has been nominated for Womenswear Brand of the Year by British magazine Draper multiple times! Ribkoff makes sure to create styles for any occasion. There are formal dresses for special occasions, but there are also styles that are perfect for a vacation in a warm climate. Who doesn’t love being able to do all their shopping in one place?

As an added bonus, all of Ribkoff’s clothing is designed and sewn right here in Canada, which is amazing for employment and our economy. Ribkoff understands that everyone is different, and everyone likes different things. He appreciates diverse cultures, and that’s part of what inspires him to create, and try new things when it comes to his designs. When it comes time for Ribkoff to pass down his company, and legacy, he hopes to select people who are committed to the brand and have the ability to keep the business going strong. With the right people in charge, he knows that his name will continue to be known as a leader in fashion, even if it means his brand goes in a different direction. Afterall, taking risks and trying something different is where his success stemmed from in the first place!